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Modules and course registration

We recommend that you begin Danish for knowledge workers as soon as you start working in Denmark. Preferrably, within one month.

The four of the six modules for Danish for knowledge workers takes approx. 21 months to complete. Each module lasts from 4-7 months.

Please note, you must make a formal request to your language school CIP for a break, as the courses should be taken continuously without unnecessary breaks in between.

Danish for knowledge workers consists of four modules, in approx. total 21 months.

Danish for knowledge workers has one face-to-face session and one online session a week. The face-to-face session (3 x 45 minutes) focuses on oral skills. The online session (2 x 45 minutes) focuses on listening, reading and writing. In all, 5 lessons per week.

The courses run late afternoon from 17:15-19:45 at different locations around the campuses of the University of Copenhagen or at International House Copenhagen. See locations here.

To register for a course, please find the registration link at the module (1-4) relevant for you in the course catalogue.